Company's History


Going on the 10th year in the hardscaping and landscaping business. The Owner, Albino Puerto always dreamt of creating beautiful artscapes for the community. Originally from Honduras, Albino brought the hardworking mentality over to the United States, along with the honesty and strong determination his father had instilled in him. 


The business is mostly consistent of family members. A tight circle that trusts each other, knows one another and gets the job done. Brothers, cousins, and uncles are under the training and supervision of Albino. All have grown over the years in various skills of the trade and can be depended on to accomplish a masterful job. 


In the beginning trees, shrubs, and mulch occupied our time. Beautiful landscapes were created for many thrilled customers, make sure to check out some of gallery photos. As time progressed, opportunities began to open in the market for bigger jobs. Brick pavers are a wonderful substitute for concrete and asphalt walkways, driveways, and patios. They last a lifetime, easily replaceable if any crack or break, and look a thousand times better. A customer is free to create with their own imagination, or as many have done allow us to suggest a unique design. With the incorporation of shrubs and flowers, we have the capability to construct entire landscapes, including patios with firepits, elevated patios with block-wall railings, driveways with light-up stones, retaining walls, and much more. There truely is nothing outside our grasps but we'll let you be the judge of that!